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XITC2311 SSD Controller


Product Overview

XITC2311 is high-performance low-cost SSD controller that supports PCIe Gen3, NVMe 1.3 interfaces.. The XITC2311 was developed with independent intellectual property rights in China and contains SM2, SM4, AES and RSA encryption functions, as well as SHA and SM3 for signing and verification operations. The XITC2311 uses a leading architecture design to guarantee the outstanding sequential read/write performance and compatibility with various SLC, MLC, TLC and 3D flash memories. The adaptive LDPC and RAID data protection mechanism within the XITC2311 will dramatically improve the SSD‘s working life span.

The XITC2311 is a perfect fit for consumer electronics, industrial computing, and other consumer applications that require client-side SSD for secure storage, hard-disk replacement, PCs, portable devices, servers, data centers, …etc.


Host Interface
◇ Industry standard PCIe Revision 3.1 compliant
◇ PCIe Gen3 x4, x2 and x1 lane mode
◇ PCIe low power management, ASPM L0s, L1, L1.2, PCI PM D0-D3 state
◇ NVMe Revision 1.3
◇ Support HMB and CMB
◇ Support 1 admin + 8 IO queue
NAND Interface
◇ Supports ONFI4.0, ONFI3.1, Toggle3.0/2.0 and asynchronous interface
◇ NV-DDR3 data rate up to 800MT/s
◇ Supports 4 channel, 8CE per channel
◇ Support CE-Reduction
◇ Supports 1.2/1.8V Flash I/O
◇ Supports 1-plane, 2-plane and 4-plane operation
◇ Support both user and meta data scramble
◇ Support Flash IO voltage self-adaption
DDR Interface
◇ Support DDR3, DDR4, LPDDR3 and DDR3L device
◇ Data rate up to 2133Mbps for DDR4
Data Protection and Reliability
◇ • LDPC hardware ECC engine with hard-decision and soft-decision
◇ ECC Codeword support 2KiB
◇ Up to 32 LLR values soft decoding
◇ Re-configurable LDPC encoder
◇ On-Chip Buffer with ECC protection
◇ DDR with inline ECC protection
◇ Page/Block/Die level RAID protection
◇ Support on-the-fly RAID parity calculation
◇ RAID protection for QLC
◇ Support AES256 and SM4 for real time full drive encryption
◇ SHA256 and SM3 engines
◇ HW RSA and SM2 engines
◇ True Random Number Generator(TRNG)
◇ OTP for security and H/W control/protection
◇ H/W peripheral interface disable by OTP content after programmed
◇ 32-bit RISC CPU
◇ 64-bit SOC internal data bus
◇ Built-in power-on-reset
◇ Support automatic sleep and wake-up mechanism for power saving
◇ Built-in voltage detectors for power failure protection
◇ Supports JTAG interface, UART interface, I2C interface
◇ Supports 2 built-in temperature sensors


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