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GK2101/2 SSD Controller


Product Overview

GK210x SoC is the first domestic high-performance low-cost SSD controller that supports 5Gbx4 PCIe or 6Gbps SATA interfaces and customized development with independent intellectual property rights in China. GK210x uses the world leading architecture design to guarantee the outstanding sequential read/write performance and compatibility with kinds of SLC, MLC, eMLC, TLC and 3D flash memories. The Special Error Correction Engine (Adaptive LDPC + Soft DSP) and RAID data protection mechanism in GK210x, combined with Goke’s own NANDXtra technology, could improve SSD‘s working life by five times. Based on controller chips, Goke provides widely types of storage products, which applied to enterprise server, cloud storage, data center, ultra high-speed data acquisition system and portable equipment, etc.


High Performance
◇ PCIe2.0 X 4 interfaces, bandwidth up to 20Gbps (GK2101 Only)
— Support NVMe Express 1.0
— Support Host Memory Buffer
◇ SATA3.0 interface, bandwidth up to 6Gbps (GK2102 Only)
— Support AHCI protocol
◇ 9 channel/4 CE NAND flash interface
— Support asynchronous, ONFI 3, and Toggle2.0 Protocol
— Support 3.3V/1.8V flash IO interface
High Security
◇ Independent intellectual property right
◇ Dual AES-256 encryption engines
◇ Support customized development
Powerful error correction capability
◇ Special Error Correction Engine (Adaptive LDPC + Soft DSP)
◇ Two-level RAID protection
Extend working life of SSD
◇ Data Compression Engine to reduce write amplification
◇ GOKE’s own NANDXtra technology
Multiple Protection
◇ Data protection for power failure
◇ Overheat protection
Low Cost
◇ Built-in Cache, no need external DRAM
Low Power Consumption
◇ Power management for PCIe from D0 to D3 (GK2101 Only)
◇ SATA DEVSLP function (GK2102 only)
◇ Sleep mode
◇ 40nm process, BGA624 package (17x17x1.2mm)


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